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How to read Title Commitment

0 Comments 24 July 2014

The title commitment is a commitment to issue title insurance.  It is broken down into four parts or schedules.  They are Schedules A, B, C & D.



Schedule A – “A” is for “Actual Facts.”  This is where you will find the who, what, where and how much information.  The most important information here will be the name of the person who holds the existing title, the legal description of the land and the name of the proposed insured (buyer), the sales price and the name of the lender.

Schedule B – “B” is for “Buyer Notification.”  This is the section of the title commitment that addresses where other parties have any interest or control of the use of the property.  Examples of this are utility easements and building setbacks.  A utility easement is a common thing to find here.  This would be a part of the land that a utility company has the right to use.  A setback prevents the owner from building a certain distance from the front property line.  Schedule B is also the area in which exceptions will be noted.  Exceptions in this case are anything that will not be covered by title insurance.

Schedule C – “C” is for “Clear to Close.”  This is the area in which any issues must be resolved before the buyer can close on the property.  Common issues here are an existing mortgage that needs to be paid off, a marital status issue, unpaid taxes and liens on the property.

Schedule D – “D” is for “Disclosure.”  This final section outlines all parties who will collect any part of the insurance premium including underwriters, title agents and attorneys.  It will also show the amounts being paid for the owner’s title insurance policy, the mortgage company’s amount and any endorsements.

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Once in a blue moon…Home in Allandale coming soon!

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Adorable one story home on a large lot in Allandale.   Call Mai for more info 512-994-9033


Wish you ...

… happy Baby Leaves

0 Comments 08 March 2014

I have a sweet and gentle friend from Japan, Eiso T.   Whenever Eiso comes for a visit , he would tell us that he loves spring everywhere, and especially he just loves the pretty “baby leaves”.  We have not seen him for a while.

Whenever March-April  comes to town,when  the  birds are singing,  beautiful flowers are blooming, people are out working on their yards, Home-Depot and Lowes start to be much more fun for a trip visit, we think of  our sweet friend Eiso!

Whenever we see  the gorgeous light green color of those fresh leaves coming out for the first time to see the sun, ready to grow, taking in light, flirting with the wind, and then soon will turn into adult leaves, we can hear our friend voice speaks softy  to us “I  love those baby leaves”

Happy spring to all!.  Happy baby leaves!

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2014 Central Texas Camp

0 Comments 05 March 2014

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Yes, it is time for you think start booking for summer camps. Watch for the coolest tech camp that I signed up for my kids.

Hint: technology camp and beach camp …

Oh I wish I was still a teen!

See list of camp here

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Foreclosure in Austin this week!

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Tips for renting in Austin!

0 Comments 04 March 2014

Tips for renting out your home!  (link here to KUVE News link)

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Why choose Keller Williams?

0 Comments 18 February 2014

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Austin neighborhood

Rental Housing Proposals – February 5th

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Austin Foreclosure

Austin Foreclosure this week!

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