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James Altucher with Austin Kleon – Podcast# 19

0 Comments 18 May 2015

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Austin Kleon is a writer and artist living in Austin, Texas. He’s the author of three bestselling books: Steal Like an Artist, Show Your Work, and Newspaper Blackout (a collection of poetry made by redacting newspaper articles with a permanent marker). He speaks about creativity for organizations such as Pixar, Google, SXSW, TEDx, and The Economist.  www.austinkleon.com.

Take Away Notes from Austin & James:

1. Open the online gate and flood with influence from others

2. Ask yourself  “SO WHAT?” before you share your work.  If you put everything in that text for everything you do.

3. Be gusty and share the work that you are excited about of the world – shine a spotlight on others, document your process as well as the final project – expect help from the online community to revise your work

4. Read the obituary – learn history of other’s lives to inspire how live our life

5. Forming your own your online Senius: start out as a fan from a few business that you love, follow them online and learn from them then to find your own voice

6. Ignore the haters

7. Share your failure to the world

8.”Be So Good They Can’t Ignore You”

9. Show Your Work – being as creative as possible using as many mediums as possible


Books recommended by Austin Kleon:

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Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 5.07.48 PM

Moving to Austin?

Where to invest in real estate in 2015?

0 Comments 10 January 2015

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According to the recent article from Forbes “Best Buy Cities: Where to invest in housing in 2015″ – Austin rank #1

“The cities on our list are places where opportunities are increasing–and so are their populations. While our top 20 could all offer good opportunities for investment, we favored those with the strongest population growth, which should promise a steady supply of renters. For example, both booming Austin, Texas (No. 1), and Grand Rapids, Mich. (No. 20), boast 3.6% and 3.7% annual job growth rates, respectively, according to the latest figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics—both beating the 2% national average. However, the Austin metro area’s population expanded by an impressive 8.9% between 2010 and 2013, while Grand Rapids’ grew at a slower 2.8% clip. As a result, Austin gets a higher ranking. (On average for markets across the nation, population growth has been relatively flat at less than 2% for the three-year period, according to U.S. Census data. Thus, all the Best Buy Cities are faring better than the national average.)”

If you are wondering what you can get for your money, here is the direct link to our local Austin MLS – let me know if you would like more info on any of these homes.  Happy hunting!

1. From $100,000 to $150000

Click here for link to see all 14 homes under $150,ooo 

2. From $150,000 to $250,000

Click here to see all 174 homes under $250,000 

3. From $250,000 to $350,000

Click here to see all 145 homes under $350,000 

4. From $350,000 to $450,000

Click here to see all 90 homes under $450,000

5.  Above $450,000

Click here to see all 34 homes from $450,000 

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DO the ONE thing …

0 Comments 01 June 2013


Gary Keller AUTHOR

Gary Keller is the founder and chairman of the board for Keller Williams Realty, the number ONE real estate franchise in North America. A finalist for Inc. Magazine’s Entrepreneur of the Year award, Keller is recognized as one of the most influential leaders in the real estate industry, leading his company to 30 consecutive years of growth and profitability. Keller has written three nationally best-selling books: The Millionaire Real Estate Agent, The Millionaire Real Estate Investor, and SHIFT: How Top Real Estate Agents Tackle Tough Times. (Gary signed “The1Thing for Mai)

Jay Papasan CO-AUTHOR

Before Jay Papasan co-authored the bestselling Millionaire Real Estate series with Gary Keller, he worked as an editor at Harper Collins Publishers. There he worked on such best-selling books asBody-for-Life by Bill Phillips and Go for the Goal by Mia Hamm. Jay also co-owns a successful real estate team affiliated with Keller Williams Realty with his wife Wendy in Austin, TX.




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Austin Fun thing to do this weekend!

South by South West (SXSW) 2013 is here …

0 Comments 08 March 2013




 The South by Southwest® (SXSW®) Conferences & Festivals (March 8-17, 2013) offer the unique convergence of original music, independent films, and emerging technologies. Fostering creative and professional growth alike, SXSW® is the premier destination for discovery.

Click here for schedule

SXSW Schedule here

What is WILL CALL for SXSW ?  An incredible way way to see live shows@ – click here  for video of explanation


Best of all – get the SXSW GO® is the official mobile app for getting the most out of attending SXSW 2013. The app allows you to view/build/share your schedule, network with other Attendees, navigate the trade show, stay connected to the social world and more!

New features for 2013 include Discover and Schedule Sharing!

Build your schedule online at schedule.sxsw.com or directly on your mobile device. With SXSW® GO, you also can sync your online schedule with your mobile device, so your info will always be up-to-date!

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Moving to Austin? Get our FREE relocation Guide

0 Comments 12 December 2011

Ranks high on the lists of “Best Cities” to live , Austin is an ideal place to raise a family and grow your business.
The reasons: Central Texas boasts a cosmopolitan atmosphere without the big-city hassle, reasonable cost of living, gorgeous scenery and friendly people. Austin gets high marks for its quality of life. No wonder many consider Austin the Number One destination both for relocating families and relocating singles. So come on over, it is the best time to move to our city.

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